Saturday, March 17, 2018

Tubigan Resort

Now I have to update this, after checking out that there are so many viewers of this Tubigan Resort post of mine. I am very much sorry for the late update, excuse the busy mom here. :D

Summer 2016 

This is the resort we’ve been last summer 2015 and I was so amazed that it was really different from the way it looks like now. It was well developed and so many statues and kids stuff that you can see. More pools and cottages are added and a clean vicinity that you can notice. The parking lot is way too spacious for guests and they are actually strict at the entrance. No liquors are allowed inside the resort. The landscape is cool and if you can spot well, the place tends to catch children’s interest. Their favorite cartoon characters statues are everywhere and in fact, it is huge and cool! Pictures can tell more but experiencing it by you is pretty different!

Here is the recent update for Tubigan Resort rates as of 2018. For more information, you can check their official Facebook account.

Photo grab from Tubigan Facebook

Here are our photos way back in 2016, and looking forward that we can visit Tubigan Resort for a bonding time again this summer 2018.

My 2 year old Bumblebee


"us" at the parking lot. Way to go home!

My crazy sweet familia!

My little bumblebee like Spongebob!

Looking for more smurfs! LOL!


Monday, July 10, 2017

One Laiya Beach Resort Batangas

Another summer time story is here. Not bad at all that I made this meme late. Oh, sorry guys! Just a busy mom here!

So let’s start this mini adventure to Batangas where it takes for hours to travel just to reach this beach resort somewhere in Laiya Batangas. If you are really good at it in travelling that far and don’t get easily dizzy because of the summer heat, well I guess some fun like this will really suits you. One Laiya Batangas is way far from the city of Manila, typically a province like where you can spend your day or your weeks for a good rest, relaxation, and of course for pleasurable time. Considering Batangas as one of the most popular place with lots of beach resorts to dangle around for sure you’ll never regret leaping in, in one of their sea waters and you’ll probably say, you want to go back for another escapade. After those 3 long hours of travel, we reached One Laiya Beach. A one fine resort with fine sand and various cottages, and a huge view of the sea water where you can really appreciate.

On our way to Batangas

The view of the resort way from the sea water


The huge car park 

sunrise by the beach

This is the second time we brought Mochi at the beach, and this time with my in-laws and hubby’s relatives. (Thanks to Tita Benny for making everyone’s summer time merely possible and unforgettable.) Mochi had the happiest time on the beach, I guess. He had these toys pail and shovel to enjoy the sand ever, and a bit of smashing into the water with us. We took pictures (unlimited pictures) for keepsakes and some bonding time with everyone. Videoke time at night, but they have a curfew for this thing so as to respect everyone to have a goodnight stay and sleep. Videoke ends at ten (10:00) in the evening and you can start your day singing again the next day. The cottage where we all stayed is a huge one for the whole family. You need to call up for reservations and make some arrangements before showing up so you’ll be able to make sure that you will have the best cottage for a stay. .  Their amenities for accommodation are the Kubos, Beach Huts, and Garden for your choice. A wide car park is available too.

Beach wedding can also be done on this resort. Luckily there was a beach wedding happening on that day, but unluckily it rained and quiet ruined the set-up for the wedding. All guests are dressed in white and I can really say that it’s a “wow!” The wedding went through after that horrible rain. And oh! This is the second time I and hubby got the chance of witnessing a beach wedding and we always laugh and joking to each other for a beach wedding for us too, for a time! (Me... thinking!LOL!)

Aside from the peaceful place of One Laiya Beach and their naive draft of the resort, these still caught the visitors’ interests which make the resort itself more distinct from the other beaches. So as to add some fun for your day too, the Banana boat ride can be a massive entertainment for everyone and other activities such as boating, snorkelling, billiards, jetski, boating, volleyball, and basketball.

One laiya Beach Resort is located at Brgy. Laiya Ibabao, San Juan, Batangas. You can also reach their facebook page here for more inquires about their rates, packages, and activities.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Manila Ocean Park

A time spent with my two boys at the Manila Ocean Park was indeed a memorable one. A great day for us to have had discover the beauty of what’s inside of this amazing park. Everyone is talking about it, and of course we too are excited to find out and to experience the real world of the Manila Ocean park.  

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A friend actually gave us tickets as a gift (so that’s why those who are going to ask for ticket prices, just refer to their official websites) and then there we go lucky and happy to have it. We made the most out of it when we were there especially our son Thyrell is with us and it’s going to be his first time to see huge sea creatures in real life. I will be posting few photos only at least a sneak peek to the view of the Manila Ocean Park to where we’ve been.

The first show we watched was the Sea Lion Show. It was funny and really an amazing show where we enjoyed it a lot. It is fairly good to kids to watch this show where there is a human and animal interaction, where sea lions can dance to a tune of music and copy humans’ moves and waving to the crowd.

The next booth we visited was the World of creepy Crawlies. It was a huge eeeww to me and before entering that booth I was really thinking and imagining what crawlies there may be inside since I hate those kinds of stuffs. But on the other hand, it is going to be my chance to see them and at least know them. So I don’t have a choice of course but to see what’s moving inside of those mini cubicles. It’s not also allowed to take pictures with flash from our cameras so as not to scare the crawlies. Scientific names are posted in each cubicle so you’ll know what kind of species you’re looking at. Ohh! And by the way, I kinda don’t like worms and snakes! Lol! :D

The Jellies dancing sea fairies were so cute! You’ll see a bunch of jelly fishes inside of the dark room where different various types of these sea dancing fairies are displayed and shared with stunning lights. How so delightful they were but you don’t know how poisonous or deadly some of these kinds. But the fact that they were appealing to watch, you really can’t resist not to take pictures with these mini sea dancing creatures.

The Yexel Museum was the one who made my little boys’ day. He was so happy seeing those huge stuffs around and taking pleasures to touch the statues. It’s merely a fun for the kids since every character they know from the toys are everywhere. The Yexel museum has the artistic way of showing gratification for the toy characters and icon you once knew. Now, you want to know what really makes my day too at the Yexel museum? Well, it was the Game of Thrones chair. I really love that freakin’ chair! I am an avid fan of the GOT series and I really did take the chance to sit and took my picture feelin’ like a Cersei on that chair! Oh! I’m waiting for Jon Snow! LOL!

My dream chair! lol!

The fish spa was cool too! The Garra Ruffa fishes who eats your deadly skin on your feet was really tickling and startling. We sit and take a few minutes to relax with our feet in the water while watching those fishes making a mini spa on us. Having this kind of foot spa is truly more than a spa massage from your salon. I’ve read more about these fishes when I get home and gave me the best idea (in some way) that this could be a good business, a fish spa. (crossing fingers!) J

I and my hubby enjoying the fish spa

Garra ruffa fishes

Other attractions that we had were the Trails to Antartica, Oceanarium, and the Symphony Evening Show.  These was all awesome attractions. Tiring yet so satisfying for a day of fun and bonding. I suggest however to every family and a group of friends to experience the Manila Ocean Park at your utmost time. You’ll never regret it to have a cool day like we had.

At the North Park Resto while thinking  what to have for lunch :D

The white moon bar

The Symphony evening show 

Fast food chains and restaurants however are everywhere if ever you get a hungry tummy. We had our lunch at the North Park anyway and it's not bad at all.  Souvenir shops also are offered if you may want something to take home for a remembrance of the place.

At the Oceanarium

My son having a milk break while watching an aquarium of sharks

Corals at the Oceanarium

This cute white seal stuff toy is my remembrance from the souvenir shop

                                                                   ------ E N D ------